What is a Drone, Really? Well, I Met Him and He Told Me.

The Internet's greatest quarrel

Have you ever wondered “what is a drone, really?” It’s common debate these days. Some people say a drone is only military aircraft. Others say a drone is anything that is unmanned and flies. Some people say a drone is an air vehicle that’s autonomous--meaning it only follows programming and isn’t piloted. Well, I discovered what a drone truly is, but before we get to that, I'll reveal why we were out flying this day.

My buddies and I are about to graduate the volunteer firefighter academy. During our "team-building" events at the local bar we kept joking about some cool ideas for our graduation video. We had a lot of crazy ideas. Ideas, such as, a firefighter in a banana suit, a parody from The Office scene where they destroy the printer, a guy in a gorilla suit chasing the dude in the banana suit, and all sorts of great ideas like those. Today was the day we were supposed to film The Office parody scene. However, not enough guys showed up (bums). Yet, there we were--with a drone. Can you let a perfectly good opportunity to fly go to waste? Not in the Northwest.

Your's Truly, Kyle (the Flying Frenchman), and Cooper

There I was with a drone. i think you know what happens next...

We were at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA. It’s about an hour South of Seattle. I’d been talking about this drone for a couple months now (I pre-ordered it) and I was eager to show it off to my buddies. Even just looking at it they were impressed. This was only my fourth time flying and I already had a routine for preparing it to launch. They were asking all sorts of questions as I was putting it together.

“How high does it go?” “How far does it go?” “How fast does it go?” “What kind of camera is it?”

I answered all their questions as I was putting the props on the aircraft and calibrating the compass. I was eager to show off what this bird could really do!

A view of the Puget Sound from Lakewood, WA at 200 feet.

It's not just a 'drone', it's the inspire 1. respect.

I fly the Inspire 1 by DJI. And I use a dual controller setup. Today I let Kyle, the 'Flying Frenchman', be my camera operator. Meanwhile, Cooper, was eager to play fetch with his dog and get it on drone video. I started up the drone and took it off and showed them the first trick. The landing gear transitions from landing to an elevated position so it doesn't obscure the camera. And it looks freaking cool as it does that! I kept the drone nearby and showed them some of the basics about steering and maneuvering. It wasn't long until we had our first guest.

Drones are people magnents

A man pulled up next to us. Just as soon as he could get his three dogs out of his vehicle he came over to us. He commented that out of the three dogs only one of them paid attention to the drone. Except he couldn’t remember what most people call these type of aircraft. I told him most people call it a 'drone'. He said “Ah-hah, that’s right” and then pointed back at his car. I looked and his license plate read: 'DRONE'.

D-R-O-N-E. Seriously, his license plate read, ‘DRONE’. That seemed pretty ironic to me especially considering he couldn’t remember what people were calling these flying things. So he explained to me what 'drone' really meant.

My new friend’s name is Ned. And his nickname is ‘drone’. You see the word ‘drone’ refers to a special kind of bee. And Ned is a bee keeper. The drone bee is the one bee in the whole hive that doesn’t do any work. His only job is to keep the queen bee happy. That’s Ned’s only job now since he’s retired--to keep his wife happy. I guess he also keeps bees and three dogs, too. Also, I learned Ned rides a motorcycle--a BMW. And he goes by ‘drone’ on all of the bike forums. (Hence why he wouldn't sell me his plate.)

The mystery has been solved. You read it here first, folks. No longer will people need to debate on the Internet as to what ‘drone’ really means. Drone is a guy named Ned from Lakewood, WA who is retired and just keeps his wife happy (and bees).

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