Inspire 1 First Flight was Good enough to Call a 'Date'

The Inspire 1 Lives up to it's name

My wife and I went out on an adventure together. I put on my special hat that I bought in Brussels, Belgium during a WWII history tour with my uncle. I never wear the hat, but it seemed to fit perfectly with adventure seeking. So, I think I'll wear the hat whenever I fly the drone.

Speaking of the drone: This drone is amazing! We were finally able to take it out and fly it for the first time. And we enjoyed every minute. We were grinning ear-to-ear the whole time. Megan commented that it's super cool to explore your world more and from a different point of view.

I Felt like I was the drone

As I flew I kept having this feeling like I was the drone. For example, when it was flying up and far away, I felt like I was floating away. I had the same sinking feeling in my stomach when I jump out of planes during skydiving. Come to think of it, I'm more comfortable skydiving...

I kept the drone close by. More like, the DJI pilot app kept the drone close by. It was in beginner mode, which only allows for about 30 meters or 90 feet of distance. 

The flight time goes by sooo fast. The flight time for us is about 15 minutes and it's a flash. We were having so much fun that it seemed we needed to land just moments after takeoff.


Percentages aren't reality

What you hear in media and reality are often two different things. I like to believe this is a reflection of something that is true about all of us. We often think one thing, yet do another. Often times what we say or think isn't actually what we believe. In this case, you hear in the media say that people are afraid of drones. They say 'no one should have them'. Yet, as soon as you bring out a drone, people flock to it. They wave at it. Children chase it. People love drones. And why not? They are cool!! 

While we were flying a young man and his son came up to check out our drone. They thought it was pretty cool. The boy liked to see himself on the display screen. But I think he was uncomfortable with how close the Inspire 1 was to him, because those props can be kind-of scary. I can't blame the kid, because I've scared myself a few times flying it close to my head.

And that's the thing. You have to fly close to something to see details. The camera on drones are wide-angle. They are designed to see a landscape, not to look at individual people. 

We had fun together

Much of today's technology pulls people apart. It creates a wedge between us. This drone, I discovered, brings my wife and I closer together. Admittedly, I'm the enthusiast here and she is going along with me. Yet, that's so true about much of our relationship dynamic. I'm always looking for adventure while she is mindful of reality. This is true for most relationships. The man seeks adventure and the woman seeks stability. But most women like it when a man takes her for an adventure, as long as it's safe. And this was a safe adventure. After-all, I did leave the Inspire 1 in beginner mode and I did wear a hat that looks like Indiana Jones, who is invincible.

It really was like a date. On the way home we treated ourselves with ice-cream. It was strawberry cheesecake for the pregnant lady and mint chocolate chip for the pilot. Totally indulgent.

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