Last Modified: 4th July, 2015

DJI Inspire 1 Pre-Flight Checklist

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Before Departing for Site Check

Aircraft (AC) and Remote Controller (RC) batteries fully charged
Tablet fully charged
Portable Radio for communicating with manned AC fully charged
Ensure SD card has free space and is inserted into the camera
Ensure Firmware is updated on AC and RC(s)
Cache location maps into all DJI Pilot app devices
Check for frequency (FX) used by local manned AC (
Check if flight location is in No-Fly Zone (Check here:
Program local FX into portable radio
Check for NOTAMs and Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) (
Check weather
    Precipitation less than 5-10%
    Winds under 20kts
    Cloud layer above 500' (152M)
    1 statute mile visibility
    KP index is 5 or less (Check here:
    Check Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset
Bring shirt that answers all "the questions". (The Answers T-Shirts)
Comprehensive maintenance after 200 flights or 50 flight hours. (Maintenance Manual)

Location On-Site Check

Check flying area free of overhead obstructions
    Wires, low flying AC, trees, tall buildings
    Antennas that may interfere with compass and GPS reception
Weather meets conditions
    Winds under 20 kts (23 MPH or 10 meters per second)
    Clouds above 500’ (152M)
    Visibility for 1 statute mile
    KP index 5 or less
Confirm flight plan with camera operator and/or spotter
    Note: Still perform step if by oneself, it adds clarity to decision making.

Physical Aircraft Check

Desired ND filter attached to camera
Camera locked in place
SD card in camera
Motors clear of Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
    Note: FOD may cause motor burnout and complete AC inversion on take-off

Check propellers for any melting, misshapen, or cracks
Propellers hand tight
Prop locks firmly attached or
Quick Release plastic base has no cracks or fissures.

Remote Controller Check

Antennas oriented Properly
    Note: The broad side should face the AC and they should not touch each other.

Switch to P-GPS mode
Landing gear switch oriented down
Check battery level of RC for minimum 75%

DJI Pilot App Check

Maximum Flight altitude set
    Note: 121 Meters = 400’

Failsafe Mode, Set for 10M Clearance above highest obstacle in flight plan
    Note: 1 Meter = 3.3’

RC Signal Lost set to Return-to-Home
Check Sensors
    Gyroscope between “-1.0 to +1.0”
    Acceleration between “-1.0 to +1.0”
    Compass MOD between “1400 - 1599”
    Check IMU
Image Transmission Channel set
    Note: Watch channels for 30 seconds to ensure selected channel is indeed stable

Battery Cells all 4.28V or greater
    At least 98% battery
    Ensure no greater than .2V between battery cells
Adjust Gimbal Roll to make level
Ensure enough Satellites are locked (recommend 16)
Set Camera Orientation mode
    Note: Recommend “Follow-mode” for solo and “free-mode” with camera

Turn all devices to airplane mode
Face AC into the wind
    Note: This allows AC to float back to operator in case of emergency.

Check heading of Aircraft
    Note: Ensure nose heading of red paper airplane is close to nose heading of actual aircraft.

Start Video recording
Start Propellers using a Combined Stick Command (CSC)
Ensure blue dot representing RC is accurately located on map
Ensure home point is accurately set on map
Ensure elevation reads 0 (zero)

Please check all boxes