Jason Schiffner was awarded a Bronze Star for proving an experimental sUAS in Afghanistan during combat.

Who doesn’t love stories? On Drone Frontier I share fun adventures and exploration with the Inspire 1 Drone while adding humor and insight.

My name is Jason Schiffner and I provide for you a unique perspective. You see, I just finished ten years in the US Air Force as a Combat Controller--a special operator. While in the Air Force I flew small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), including an experimental version. Additionally, I was trained and certified as an Air Traffic Controller and completed my B.S. in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle. Yes, I’m a career airman. I’m new to civilian life and civilian ‘drones’. Therefore, I’m able to provide you a uniquely qualified, yet fresh perspective on the industry.

I will help solve problems

The public is still unsure about drones.

I’m not new to taking risks. As a Military Free-Fall (MFF) parachutist, jump master, and combat diver I’ve taken many risks in my life. I will test the Inspire 1 aircraft and it’s safety features while mitigating risks. You get to learn from my work and benefit from it. You’re increased knowledge about the aircraft will keep your very expensive drone flying high and safe.

What are people saying about drones? Here we will explore the controversies around drones and seek solutions. Drone Frontier is about building community, particularly around the Inspire 1 drone. Our collective work and shared knowledge will ensure the Inspire 1 will safely join our nations’ airspace.

I can help improve your skills

We now take the Inspire 1 for walks instead of our dog.

I’m sharing everything I learn about the Inspire 1 from a beginners perspective. You will learn about flying techniques, pilot and camera-operator coordination, aerial photography, and much more.

Do you feel intimidated by the FAA? I’ll reveal safety considerations and help you understand and how to apply FAA regulations. I’m not an expert in aviation law, but I know enough to help you stay out of trouble.

The things that interest you

Fedoras and Inspire 1 piloting are a match made in Heaven.

The Inspire 1 takes excellent aerial photos and video. On Drone Frontier and on social media I share those with you. Also, I will curate the best Inspire 1 and other drone content from the web.

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